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MagMod Grids Light Up Boardertown Skate Shop in Ft. Smith Arkansas

Nick Gibson, manager at Boardertown Skate Shop in Ft. Smith, AR, pulls a frontside kick turn on the over vertical wall....View full post »

Lighting Workshop with JVS – One Frame – Orbis® Ringflash

This image  was captured during my Lighting Workshop at Third Floor York in Ottawa earlier this month. The RAW 1DX file...View full post »

Behind The Scenes – The Art of Execution Workshop – Ottawa

Here’s a quick snap of Derrick Rice from Union Eleven Photographers lending a hand during a multiple Speedlite de...View full post »

Workshop Host – Escola de Imagem – Rio de Janiero, Brazil – Part I

In June 2012, I taught my Lighting Workshop to nearly 50 students for Escola de Imagem in beautiful Rio de Janeiro. Chec...View full post »

Workshops with JVS | 2016-2017 Workshop Dates

Workshops & Photo Coaching – 1 Day Lighting Workshop – Denver, Colorado September 8th, 2016 – 9:30...View full post »