Exclusive! MagMod Modifiers at JVS’ Wedding Lighting Workshop! Scottsdale 11/7!

MagMod by Spencer BoerupMagMod by Spencer Boerup MagMod by Spencer Boerup

Below is a summary of the new MagMod modifier’s written by my friend and the inventor, Spencer Boerup.

MagMod is revolutionizing the way photographers work with their gear by designing the sexiest flash modifier system to date!

Here is how MagMod will help you as a photographer:

1.Innovative gear – MagMod utilizes the invisible powers of magnetism to attach modifiers to your speedlites, completely eliminating the need for messy velcro, adhesives, straps and bands that all add complexity to your system.

2.100% modular – All of MagMod’s components were designed to be infinitely modular by attaching and detaching in less than a second, making it quicker and easier for photographers to customize their light.

3.Sleek design – MagMod modifiers are molded as a single piece of high-quality silicone rubber that looks gorgeous and is incredibly robust, compact, and dead simple.

4.Strong & secure – MagMod’s magnetic attachment & silicone band are super strong, reducing accidental detachment from your flash and guaranteeing your modifiers stay attached to your flash.” – Spencer Boerup, Inventor of MagMod.


As a Speedlite aficionado, I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a modifier! I own just a few modifiers (more like a hundred) and honestly believe the MagMod modifiers will be a game changer for Speedlite users.

Curious about how they work? Want to see some real world results? I’ll be shooting with my MagMod’s over the next several days… be sure to check back here early next week!

If you’d like to be one of the first photographers to experience the MagMod modifiers hands-on and in-person… I’ll be teaching with them at my Wedding Lighting Workshop in Scottsdale, AZ on Thursday November 7th. For more information and to register, please click here.


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