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Workshops with JVS – Lighting Workshop – Scottsdale, Arizona – Class of 2012

Class Photo – Phoenix, AZ Lighting Workshop – November 15, 2012.   View full post »

The Cheetah Light CL-360 Combo From Cheetah Stand – 1 Minute First look!

Shortly after landing in Dallas today, I zoomed over to Cheetah Stand to meet up with my good friend Edward Tang. After ...View full post »

Auction: Daniel Mast Memorial Fundraiser – 2 Hour Mentoring Session with JVS!

“On May 21st, 2013 we lost an amazing friend. Daniel Mast was a man of God who was passionate about life, his fami...View full post »

2013 Wedding & Portrait Society “Roots” Workshop in Chapel Hill, NC

Please join me this August 4th-6th in Chapel Hill. NC for the Wedding & Portrait Society’s (WPS) 4th annual  ...View full post »

Happy Birthday Cheetah Stand! Free Shipping & 5% Off… Today Only!

I’d like to wish my very good friend Edward Tang of the infamous Cheetah Stand a Happy 4th Birthday! If you’...View full post »

Lighting Workshop with JVS – One Frame – Orbis® Ringflash

This image  was captured during my Lighting Workshop at Third Floor York in Ottawa earlier this month. The RAW 1DX file...View full post »

Behind The Scenes – The Art of Execution Workshop – Ottawa

Here’s a quick snap of Derrick Rice from Union Eleven Photographers lending a hand during a multiple Speedlite de...View full post »

Last Call – The Art of Execution Workshop – Ottawa – May 15, 2013

What Will I Learn? I’ll show you how to plan, execute (live shoots), post-process and print your portraits. From captu...View full post »

Lighting Workshops with JVS – Behind The Scenes Video – Belo Horizonte, Brazil!

I often get asked… what is your Lighting Workshop all about? Thanks to my good friend Vinícius Matos, I have th...View full post »

The Art of Execution Workshop – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – May 15, 2013

The Art of Execution, Turning Ideas into Reality! Creating dynamic portraits at each and every session starts with havin...View full post »

Lighting Workshop with JVS – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – May 14, 2013

My wonderful Ottawa hosts are the talented Union Eleven Photographers! Brittany Fleming. Brittany believes that photogr...View full post »

Lighting Workshop with JVS – Phoenix, Arizona – November 7th, 2013

I’ll be teaching my 1 Day Lighting Workshop in Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday November 7th, 2013. Subject: Dan Stor...View full post »

Workshops with JVS | 2016-2017 Workshop Dates

Workshops & Photo Coaching – 1 Day Lighting Workshop – Denver, Colorado September 8th, 2016 – 9:30...View full post »

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of workshops do you offer? Lighting Workshops geared specifically to wedding, portrait and editorial photograp...View full post »